OEMs – Holistic View

Manufacturers of vehicles, engines, and components strive for best available insights about trends and potentials in their markets. A neutral, holistic view on hot issues and requirements of transportation clients can provide valuable insights. Another useful input could deal with the efficient design of interface processes between OEMs and operators.

Provider of Technical Services – Significant
Efficiency Gain Potentials

Providers of maintenance, repair, and overhaul services need accurate information about the number of maintenance events per period, as well as about the demand for specific maintenance packages. Furthermore, interaction with operators is crucial, be it the participation in a tender, or the concrete collaboration after the awarding of a contract. The bilateral steering of maintenance events bears significant efficiency gain potentials.

Public Entities – Long-term
Investment Decisions

In an industry with a strong influence on the public sector, ministries or authorities are often involved as regulators or shareholders. These bodies sometimes require external, neutral support, e.g. to prepare large infrastructure decisions with professional expertise and methodology. In other cases, strategies for entire industry sectors need to be developed by independent industry experts.

Investors – Sound Information

Banks and private equity firms are dependent on sound information about their investment targets. Besides pure financial figures, a “business due diligence” is key, screening the business model of the target, and evaluating its traction in the market and competitive environment.