Franke Aviation
& Transportation Consulting

„Mens movet molem“ – the mind moves matter – this wisdom of ancient Romans has never been more valid than nowadays in the transportation industry. Whether it be aviation, logistics, or rail traffic, the physical execution must be performed efficiently and flawlessly. In a highly competitive environment, however, the difference between mediocrity and market leadership is determined even more by the excellence of the business model, the governance structure, or the steering logic.

Franke Aviation & Transportation Consulting offers classic strategy consultancy and helps you transform visions into concepts, concepts into cutting edge practice, and cutting edge practice into profit. Well-understood “strategy” comprises much more than just concept papers – viable solutions are developed jointly with the client, and implemented if requested. Proven success is built on:

  • Leading expert knowledge across all relevant industry sectors
  • Long-standing, international project experience
  • Analytical rigour and methodological excellence
  • Social competence

The success model is truly simple: uncompromised quality and a focus on the client benefits. Solutions must be pragmatic and create value, otherwise they will remain theory. Benefit from the competencies of Franke Aviation & Transportation Consulting, and find out more about ways of working together.